Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wedding Shower at Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance

We had a wedding shower today at Dennis's work. It was a very nice shower and we got some great gifts. Thanks to everyone that helped and came.

Braves Game!

We took Abbey and Brandon to the Braves game Saturday night. When we walked in two girls walked up to us and asked if Abbey wanted to be the Honorary Bat Girl. She was so excited. They also got a bunch of autographs from the players and Brandon got his picture made with one of the players. We all had a good time.

Fun Weekend!

This past Saturday we took Abbey and Brandon to the Natural Science Museum. It was a lot better than what I had expected. The kids had a good time. We will have to take them back someday.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Big School Here He Comes!!!!!!

Today is Brandon's very first day of school. I went with Dennis this morning to take him to Kindergarten. He cried on the way to school because he didn't have his school supplies and Abbey did. Dennis took them to the school when he had orientation last night. Brandon just didn't understand. He was fine when we dropped him off. No tears! Abbey started fourth grade today. She did good too. Her best friend isn't in her class this year but she will make lots of new friends.

Wildlife Extravaganza

Dennis and Brandon went to the wildlife extravaganza last Saturday while Abbey and I went shopping. Brandon had a good a time. He watched a snake show and got to shoot a bow and arrow.

New Makeup!

My sister told me about the website below a few weeks ago. It has makeup for really cheap. We placed and order and I love everything I got. Check it out!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

New Patio!

Dennis and I have been working on a patio to add onto the back porch. Well Dennis has been doing most of the work. I mostly just sit back and watch. He is almost done putting the pavers down. He should finish that tonight. We are also putting flower beds around it. Hopefully it will look nice and we will be able to enjoy it when it cools off some. We hope to buy some patio furniture soon to put out there. In a few weeks we plan on pulling up all of the old bushes in the front yard and redoing those. They look awful and hopefully we can make it look better. Anything should help.

I have other wedding shower this weekend in Vicksburg. It should turn out really nice. I will be sure and post pictures sometimes next week. After this one, I only have four more to go. I have been so busy lately with wedding stuff. Hopefully things will slow down in about 5 weeks when we are married. 37 days and counting down!!!