Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

With Love,
Dennis, Stephanie, Abbey, Brandon, Coleson and Rascal

Trick or Treating

We took the kids trick or treating tonight. Abbey and Brandon's grandparents came along as well as Nanny, Dee Dee, Taylor and Chloe. It was some more good family time. It was a beautiful day so the weather was perfect. Abbey had a friend over and once they were done at our house, I took them to her house to trick or treat some more.

Brandon put on Taylor's wig.

Whoo Hoo! The bulldogs won tonight!!!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Pumpkin Carving Contest

We had a pumpkin carving contest at work today. The swine flu pumpkin won. It was pretty cute. We also brought food to snack on. I love eating finger foods. They are my favorite. I made a yummy corn dip. I didn't however make a pumpkin. We are so busy during the week that I am so tired at night that I didn't have any energy to make one. Plus I am not creative at all when it comes to things like this. We will just stick with the kids carving pumpkins this year.

Crazy Hair Day

Today is crazy hair day at school as well as field day. We spiked Brandon's hair up with gel and then put hair color in it.

Pictures with Bully

These are a few pictures that I found of the MSU website. We love getting our picture made with Bully!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

9 Months Old....

I CANNOT believe that Coleson is 9 months old already. It is really hard for me to believe that my baby boy is getting so big. He had a great check up today and is right on track with things. He does have an ear infection in his right ear. Hopefully we will get that cleared up soon. I have changed doctors. We are still with Children's Medical Group but we see a doctor at the Madison clinic. We really like him and feel that Coleson and our future children will all be able to use him until they are teenagers.

His stats:
weight - 21 pounds
height - 29 inches long
hc - 46 cm

He didn't get any shots today, but he did get his thumb pricked. He didn't like that too much. He goes back for his next check up at a year old. :(

This is the way Coleson was sleeping last night when I went in to check on him. He looked so peaceful. This is my favorite sleep position for a baby and this was the first time I've seen him sleeping like this. So sweet!
Waiting on the doctor to come check me out!

Some things I am doing these days:
- crawling everywhere
- trying to pull up but can't quite do it
- eating lots of table foods - peas, green beans, carrots, corn, sweet potatoes, okra, bread
- he has two bottom teeth now - I was wondering if he would ever have any.
- says DaDa, BaBa, and MaMa (just a few times)
I have added a button called "Praying For Stellan" at the top of my blog. Please take a few minutes and pray for this little boy. He was diagnosed with SVT while in the womb and has had trouble with it ever since. He turned a year old today and is now back in the hospital and is not doing too well. I don't know this family personally but have been following their blog for a while now. They are such a precious family and it breaks my heart to see this sweet little baby boy suffering. I am so thankful to have three healthy children. We are blessed in so many ways!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Carnival

We took the kids to a Halloween Carnival tonight and had a trial run with the costumes. They turned out pretty cute. Abbey is a dead softball player, Brandon is a hunter, and Coleson is a giraffe. We had a good time and got to spend time with the family. Pappy, Grammie, Uncle Preston, and Aunt Bethany joined us. Dennis and Abbey joined us shortly after we got there once her softball practice was over. We are excited about Coleson's 1st Halloween and taking him trick or treating. Hopefully the weather will turn out nice.
Coleson hanging out waiting to eat.
Brandon catching a treat at the carnival.
Taking a shot at the pumpkin toss.
The cutest giraffe EVER!
Brandon in the costume contest.
Say Cheese!
Guess what? He won the pie eating contest. See video below.
#1 pie eater
Abbey ate some pie too! Can you tell?

Here is Abbey in the contest. Notice the girl to her right. She is a pro at this.

Brandon eating his pie.
Coleson has his 9th month check up tomorrow. It is so hard to believe that he is getting big so fast. Slow down big boy! Time is flying by.

Long Jon Jon

This is a Long Jon Jon that I made for Coleson.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dress and Gown

These were made for a little girl who will be here shortly after Christmas. She will wear the gown home from the hospital. I thought they turned out precious!

Stomach Bug....

Our week didn't start out to well. Dennis and I were hit with the stomach virus Sunday night but it only lasted 24 hours. Thank goodness we are feeling much better today. Yesterday was not a fun day. My body ached so bad that I could hardly pick Coleson up last night and all he wanted me to do was hold him. Dennis couldn't even get out of bed so it was all me. It was a long night, but tonight will be much better. So... I will leave you with a picture of the kids to help brighten your day. They sure do brighten ours!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Playing Catch Up

This is a pretty long post. I was out of town most of last week so I am catching the blog up. I had my annual trip to Arizona for work. Dennis and Coleson dropped me off at the airport bright and early Wednesday morning. It was really hard leaving but I managed to make it and had a really good time. I had lunch with my underwriter Wednesday and relaxed the rest of the afternoon outside in the beautiful weather. It was so nice out there. We had a fun dinner that night. We had a cooking contest that was like Iron Chef Challage. We were broke into groups and we had to cook a salad, entree and dessert. My group came in third place. We woke up Thursday and had a few meetings and then we were free for the afternoon. A few of us went to the mall and did a little shopping. It was a huge mall and I was in heaven. I am already saving up for next year. :) We went back to the resort and hung out by the pool. We got manicures, massages, and a spa treatment on our hands and arms. It was wonderful and very relaxing. We had another dinner party that night with a casino and karaoke theme. Friday was a travel day and I got back that night. It was fun but very tiring. I was so glad to see my husband and sweet baby boy. I missed them so much!!!
I am really funny about what I eat sometimes. The picture below was a salad that we had to eat the second night. It looked very unappetizing and it took a little while to figure out what it was. A girl that I went with wouldn't even let the waitress give her a plate of this. It was pretty funny. I got my camera out and took a quick picture. I was really excited to find a Wendy's in the airport on the way home.

Saturday we left Jackson around noon and headed to Starkville for the Florida game. This was a big game for State and we played Florida pretty good minus a few bad calls on the refs. Abbey and Brandon had a great time as usual. Dennis said that Brandon was all into the game. He said that he would stand up and start ringing his cowbell when everyone else was sitting down. He even knew what Tim Tewbow's number was without having to be told. My mom and I sat with Coleson in a different section. We were in a section that had concrete around it that blocked the wind. It was much better for Coleson.

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We got to watch all the football players get off the bus. Abbey was really excited about this and made sure that we didn't miss it. They both saw Anthony Dixon up close and even got to shke his hand. Brandon was on cloud nine. This is his favorite player. He calls him A.D. for short.

My cousin Mary Margaret was in the Miss Maroon and White pageant Friday night at State and she won. She is Most Beautiful 2009 at MSU as a freshman.
Coleson eating a roll before the game.

We got to pet the real mascot.

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