Monday, March 26, 2007

Dennis and I had a very productive weekend. We were off Friday so that we could get some things done. We took Brandon to get his booster shots Friday morning and he did AWESOME. He didn’t shed a tear and he had three shots. Dennis and I were very surprised. Dennis had been talking it up all week telling him that it will feel like a pinch and that’s it. He also told him that he could get a shotgun that he wanted from Wal-Mart if he acted like a big boy. Well he acted better than a big boy so we went to Wal-Mart and got the shotgun. I had to walk out of the room after they did the first one because I am terrified of needles and my stomach start turning so I thought I’d better walk out of the room before I embarrassed myself. We also started cleaning out Dennis’s house some. We cleaned out the closet that I will have once we are married and I brought over a few clothes. We are moving a few things at a time because it will be crazy if we try and move everything at once. I also bought Abbey and Brandon Easter baskets. They are being monogrammed right now so I will post a picture of them when I get one. We also registered at Belk. I picked out my china and one of my everyday patterns. We were planning on registering at Dillard’s but I was worn out after Belk so I will go back one day this week after work and register.

Congratulations to my sister for getting into grad school. She was picked for first round at Jackson State for speech pathology. She will be moving to Jackson in August to start school there. She was very excited and relieved at the same time. Jackson State has a great program and the school is off of Lakeland Drive.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Just a little update on the wedding plans. They are still going smoothly. Dennis and I decided to go to St. Lucia on our honeymoon. I’m not sure if I have already posted that or not, but anyway I am getting so excited. We are down to about 5 ½ months (169 days). We are going to pick out invitations in a few weeks so I am excited about that as well. I have decided that I am moving out of my apartment at the end of May. This is when my lease comes up. I will be homeless for a few months, but I am going to live with Dennis’s sister until the wedding. We are having a huge garage sale in June so I will be getting rid of most of my things. I am going to go ahead and put my clothes in my “new” closet at his house and pretty much live out of a bag for a few months. It will be worth it though. I will be saving money for us. We went and registered at Target the other night and we had lots of help. Abbey and Brandon wanted to scan everything for us. Abbey kept picking out stuff that we could register for. It was cute. She said, “Are yall going to get all of this for free?” Yeah right, I wish. I guess she thought when we were done they were going to load up all the goodies in the car for us to take home. We were walking past the electronics and she said, “Why don’t yall register for an Ipod or a Wii?” I started laughing and told her that people probably wouldn’t buy us anything if they saw those two items on the list. It was cute though. Tomorrow is going to be a BIG day for Brandon. He is getting his shots for school. The health department told Dennis that he would have to have 3 or 4. Yikes! I am terrified of shots so I don’t have any room to talk about being a big person about it. Dennis told him that if he did well that he would buy him a shotgun (a toy on of course) from Wal-Mart that he wants. After that, Dennis is applying for his passport and then we are off to register at Belk and Dillard’s. It is going to be a busy day, but we will be very productive which is what we were going for. I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Happy Birthday, Dad! I know this picture looks kind of silly of him, but this is his normal self. He never seems to act right in pictures.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Happy Birthday, Abbey!

Happy Birthday, Abbey! Today is Abbey’s 9th birthday. Dennis and I are taking off this afternoon so that we can pick her up from after school early. She is having a party at Mazzio’s tonight and then a few little girls are spending the night at Dennis’s house. I hope she has a wonderful day and a fun time at her party. We love you Abbey!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Dennis and I met with the preacher yesterday afternoon and things went really well. I was a little nervous about going because I had no idea what he was going to ask me, but things turned out great. He wants to meet with us three more times and the last time we meet will be about the ceremony. We are at 184 days until the wedding so we are getting very excited. We also met with the florist last night to talk about flowers. I have no clue about flowers so I pretty much left it up to her as to what they will look like. I just basically told the lady how many of everything I need. She has done lots of weddings and I’ve heard nothing but good things about her so I am going to trust her with this. So far everyone I’ve talked to has been extremely pleased. I just hope I am able to remember to look at them on the day of the weeding to see what they look like. I’ve heard from several people that they didn’t even know what their flowers looked like for their wedding. I will have pictures of them if I don’t get to see them.

Monday, March 05, 2007

What an eventful weekend.....

This weekend was full of many obstacles. After work on Friday, Dennis and I ran a few errands and went to eat at a Mexican restaurant. We were going down Hwy 25 towards Dennis’s house about 9:00. It was dark outside and on this particular part of the road there are no street lights so all you have are headlights to see by. I was behind Dennis in the right lane and all of the sudden he slammed on brakes. I had to lock my brakes up behind him and all of the sudden I ran over a pile of tree branches. I came really close to hitting him. Thank goodness he didn’t come to a complete stop or we would have had a 3 car pile up. The car behind me swerved in to the left lane and the lady said she barely missed me. All I saw was smoke from her tires as she went by. I was glad that Dennis was in front of me in his SUV because I would have messed the whole front in of my car up if I had hit them first. Dennis broke them up when he ran them over. Dennis called me right after it happened because he wasn’t sure which car I was. By this point, I was crying and he asked if I was ok. I told him I was and but that something was wrong with my car. He had pulled over and asked if I could drive up to where he was. I told him that I was on the side of the road so he pulled over and walked to where I was. When I got out, this is what I found.

I have no idea how it got wedged like that. I thought the branch had stuck through my plastic bumper. After jacking my car up, we saw that it had hit the perfect spot right in front of my exhaust pipe. There was no major damage to my car just some paint that is cracked and is chipping off. We all got very lucky that night to say the least.

Dennis and I went to Vicksburg Saturday to look at flowers and a photographer. I had an appointment with the florist at 2:00 and when I got there the place was closed and nobody was there. I was very mad. I could not wait to get to work this morning to give her a phone call. She said that she had written my appointment down on a ticket and it had gotten moved. She apologized and asked if I would give her another chance. I am meeting the preacher tomorrow afternoon so she agreed to stay open until I get there. Maybe this time she will actually be there. We booked the photographer so that was a good thing. He is going to take our engagement pictures as well sometimes in April. We were also able to get an idea of china, flatware, and some everyday patterns. The planning is still moving along. Maybe we won’t have anymore bumps in the road. (yeah right!)

Brandon had his first tee-ball practice Saturday. He is in the 4-5 year old age group and they are all so funny. Most of them didn’t even know which way first base was. Brandon did good though. Below are some pictures from the practice.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

190 days........

The wedding is in 190 days. I know that sounds like a lot, but it’s really not. It will definitely be here before we know it. The planning is still going strong. I found a dress this past weekend as well as bridesmaid dresses, a junior bridesmaid dress, and a flower girl dress. I am glad that I found them because they take 12 weeks to come in. If they need to be altered, that will be another 10 weeks. With all that said, they should be ready about middle August. Let’s hope they come in early and the alterations don’t take quite that long. I will really be nervous if they aren’t ready by August. Dennis and I picked out tuxes. I didn’t really do much picking. I went along mostly for support, but he did a very good job. Those all have to be fitted by July 8th. As you can see, my calendar is already filling up and this is just the beginning. We also decided on where we wanted to go on a honeymoon. We booked the trip to St. Lucia a few days ago. I am so excited about going. I wish we were leaving tomorrow. We booked it through Sandals. Go to to see more about the resort. Don’t forget to keep checking the wedding website. There should be a few new updates soon. I am going to look at flowers and a photographer this Saturday so maybe I will have good luck this weekend as well.