Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Few Wedding Pictures

Below are a few wedding pictures. These are the ones that I have saved on my computer at work so I dedcided that I would post some. I will definitely post more when I have time. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Honeymoon in St. Lucia

Dennis and I went to St. Lucia on our honeymoon. It was beautiful and Sandals was wonderful. We would definitley go back. We are already talking about taking Abbey and Brandon to a Beaches. This is a sister resort to Sandals but kids can go. No kids were allowed at Sandals. Neither one of us wanted to come home but we knew that we had too. Work Monday morning hit us both really hard, but we have almost made it through the week. I have my wedding pictures back and I will post some of those after I go through them and figure out which ones to put on here. Below are some pictures from St. Lucia.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I just thought wedding were over for a while but......

my sister got engaged this past Friday night. Congratulations to her and Preston. It looks like the wedding is going to be May 10, 2008. That is not set in stone yet but if everything is available that date I think that will be the date. I am so glad that it is her doing the planning now and not me. They can be very stressful.

The Newlyweds!!!

So Dennis and I are back from St. Lucia and we are finally married. The wedding was perfect and there is nothing that I would change if I could. Everything went really well which was very surprising to me. I was very nervous, but I figured I would be. The honeymoon was wonderful and neither of us wanted to come back. It was beautiful and I will post pictures soon. I should be getting my wedding pictures back tomorrow and I will post some pictures of those as well. The photographer took about 1,100 pictures so it will take me a while to look at all of them and decide which ones to post. Be patient, I promise they will eventually get posted. Married life has been wonderful so far. Abbey and Brandon were so glad when we got back. I am off to bed but maybe I will have time tomorrow to update you with some pics!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

So I am off to Vicksburg tonight to start getting things ready for the wedding. I can’t believe that we are 3 days away. The last 7 months have flown by but I am glad it is here and will be in the past in a few days. Planning a wedding can be very stressful. I am taking Abbey to get her nails done tonight and also get her some new earrings for the wedding. She just got her ears pierced and is very excited about getting to change them out on our wedding day. Dennis is taking Brandon to get his haircut. He needs to look handsome for all the pictures he will be taken. I will be sure and post pictures of everything when I get back. We are leaving for New Orleans Saturday night and will be flying out Sunday morning. I am so excited about going to St. Lucia. It will be so nice to relax for a whole week on the beach.