Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday, Coleson!

Today is Coleson's 2nd birthday! It is crazy how fast time is flying by. It seems like we just had his 1st birthday. We got up this morning and got ready and went to the Children's Museum with some friends. Coleson had a blast and it was great to spend the morning watching him have fun on HIS day. We met my mom and sister for lunch. It was quite eventful to say the least. I won't go in to much detail. (HA!) I made cupcakes for his class yesterday and I saved one for him to eat tonight. We sang "Happy Birthday" to him. He gets tickled when we start singing. Not sure if it is our voices that makes him laugh or that he knows we are singing about him. :)

He is showing us that he is 2.

Blowing out his candles....


Digging in.... he loves sweets!


We are having his birthday party Monday night. Abbey and Brandon come back home Monday so we scheduled it for then. We would not have his party with out them.

Happy Birthday, sweet man! You make Momma and Daddy so happy even though you are such a little fire cracker. You keep us on our toes at all times but we wouldn't have it any other way. Momma, Daddy, Abbey and Brandon love you so much!!!!

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