Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Ok, so I finally have time to post the funny story from the football game this past Saturday. This may not be funny to you, but it was definitely hilarious if you had to sit in front of this guy for 3 hours. I wouldn’t say this guy was retarded but all of screws weren’t there. The people in Starkville call him the “Amen Preacher” because he says amen after just about every word. If I had to hear Bulldogs Amen, Mississippi State Amen, Mississippi State Bulldogs Amen any more I thought I would scream. He said it at least 100 times. He said amen to the Kentucky Wild Cats, cowbells, jackets, stickers, and the siren when we made a touchdown. If the bulldogs would make a bad play he would say still #1. After a few times of that my mom looked at me and said obviously he has not come to many game this season. For about the first hour, I was laughing so hard that tear would come to my eyes. This really made the game more interesting.

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