Tuesday, June 30, 2009

5 months old

Coleson turned 5 months old yesterday. I can’t believe how big he is getting and how much he changes everyday.

A few things that he does right now:
- He is rolling over from front to back and back to front.
- He is no longer sleeping swaddled up. I stopped this about a week ago.
- He grabbed his foot this morning. I’m not sure if it was an accident or not.
- He is still not real big on eating baby food. Hopefully he will eventually start eating it good.
- He is trying to sit up on his own. He pulls up in his car seat and bouncer and he wants to
sit up in your lap.
- He is getting more spoiled everyday.


Daphne said...

He's such a big boy already!
So sweet.

Love you Coleson, Abbey, and Brandon so much....

Aunt Dee Dee.

Eric and Amanda said...

Keep spoiling him! He is precious!