Thursday, July 30, 2009

Our traumatic day

Yesterday was not a very good day for Coleson at all. He turned 6 months old and I took him for his check up and shots. The doctor’s office was packed with kids getting ready to go back to school so it took a while to see the doctor. He finally came in and checked him out and everything looked great. The nurse came in and gave him his three shots and we were on our way home. Dinner was in the crock pot so Dennis and I ate. We always put Coleson in his highchair beside us to play and then we feed him. I fed him and after he was done Dennis took the tray off to clean it up. He was strapped in so I walked to the garbage can to throw away the containers. I heard a loud pop and looked back and Coleson had fallen out of the highchair and did a face plant into our ceramic tile. I FREAKED OUT. Coleson was screaming and Dennis ran over and picked him up. His little nose was bleeding so I told Dennis to put him in the car seat and we took him to Baptist. My parents, sister, and brother-in-law met us there. The staff was GREAT and super nice. They took us back immediately and made a room for Coleson. They were packed with all the wrecks from the rain, so I was very thankful that we went straight back. A doctor came in to see us within 30 minutes and said everything looked ok but wanted to do a CT scan to make absolute sure. The results came back negative which was awesome news. They even went down as far as his nose to check it out. He has no broken bones. Just a bruise across his nose. The Lord was definitely watching over my sweet baby yesterday. It was a long night for me as I checked on him just about every hour. Dennis is at home with him today. I am sure that Coleson is exhausted from all the trauma he went through. The ER room did get a little better when my friend Sarah came down. She had just gotten to work in Labor and Delivery. This was her first time to meet Coleson. I sure hated that it had to happen this way but she got to love on him for a minute.

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