Thursday, November 19, 2009

Turkey Day

Today Dennis and I went and had lunch with Coleson at his daycare for Thanksgiving. The parents brought food and we had a feast. It was so fun to eat with him. He was so excited to see us and we were even more excited to see him. I am so thankful to say this little boy is mine. We love his daycare and are so glad we made the decision to send him there. It sure does make my days at work easier.
This is a placemat that he made us. I just love his little hand print. I keep everything he makes for us and just can't seem to part with anything. He is going to have a huge box of stuff when he gets older to go through. :) Call me crazy, but I cherish it all!
So happy to see his Momma and Daddy!
Eating lunch in a big boy chair.
So cute in his turkey shirt.

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