Sunday, August 23, 2009

Great Family Time

We went to a wedding in Fulton, MS this weekend so we stayed with my family in Tupelo. It was great to see them again. They haven't seen Coleson since he was a week or two old. He did great traveling and was a good baby all weekend.

Abbey and Tara Beth

Trevor and Brandon

Hanging out in the floor

This was after Jenna and Matt's wedding. Coleson stayed in the nursery during the wedding and the lady said he was the cutest and the best baby. We already knew he was the cutest but it was good to hear that he was good as well.

Bethany, Brandon and Abbey at the reception. Aunt Bethany and Uncle Preston were in the wedding. Brandon kept waving to them during the wedding.

Daddy giving Cole Cole his bottle.

Coleson playing in his exersaucer at Ma's.

Brandon and Coleson. They are such sweet brothers.

Coleson fell asleep before all of us got in the truck. He was so tired.

Abbey and Taylor at Chloe's party at Ma's house. Happy Birthday, Chloe!!

Blowing out her candles.

Our weekend ended giving this cute booty a bath. I just love this little fellow to death.

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