Sunday, August 09, 2009

Orange Beach

We spent this past week at the beach and we had a great time. We also ate some wonderful food. What great memories we have. Coleson had fun but hated the ocean. He enjoyed the sand but wanted to eat it. I have posted a TON of pictures. I could choose just a few so I posted a bunch.

Playing in the foam at The Hangout.

I love to swim.

These are some crabs they caught on the beach. This was a nightly event.

We love the beach!

These are the biggest Rainbows I have ever seen.

Chillin at the beach!

Taking a walk on the beach!
The first time Coleson's feet went into the ocean. He hated the ocean water but didn't mind the swimming pool.

Eating at Lillian's. Thanks Eric and Amanda for telling us about it. We just have one complaint...where was the bulldog when you walked in?

I love the beach!

Coleson sitting in a resturant high chair for the first time. Such a big boy!
Abbey on the way to the beach. You may like softball but she does have a girly side as well.


Eric and Amanda said...

Glad y'all had a great trip! We love Lillian's too - great pizza and great taste in football teams - ha ha!

Valerie Davis said...

those pictures were so stinkin' cute!!! makes me want to go to the beach right now!!