Monday, September 28, 2009


We went to the Northwest Rankin and Warren Central High School football game Friday night. I went to Warren Central so we decided to go and watch the game. It was great getting to visit with people that I have not seen in a while. Saturday morning we got up and headed to Starkville. By the time we got to the game, it was pouring down rain. This is what our tailgate tent looked like.

We still had a great time. Coleson and I stayed at the tent until the rain stopped. He was entertained by all the girls that stayed there as well. Our tailgate is big so there is always someone around to talk too. There are 14 families that we hang out with. We finally made it to the game right before halftime.

Coleson loves to watch the game. He is so good and never hardly makes a sound. My sweet boy loves his bulldogs!
He had finally had all he could take a passed out in my lap. I have no idea how he slept with all the loud noise and the cowbells ringing but some how he did.
Every week we go to Starkville, Coleson always does something new. I had him in the book store this week while we waited on the rain to stop and he went from the crawling position to the sitting position. My baby is getting so big. He can't wait to see his big sister and brother this afternoon.

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