Monday, March 29, 2010

We had another great weekend that was really busy as usual. Friday night we went and ate supper with some friends of ours. We ended up seeing another girl that we both knew so they joined us as well. It was fun but quite interesting with 5 kids all under 3. Whew, I was tired just watching them all. Oh and we are officially the family that people are going to run when they see us coming and never invite us out to eat. Coleson was HORRIBLE. He did not want to sit in his high chair and wanted to throw food all over the floor. We will be the family sitting in the corner by ourselves from now on. :)
Saturday morning we got up and Coleson and Dennis watched Veggie Tales and then it was off to Abbey's scrimmage game.

My mom and I went shopping afterwards and then we met up with some more friends for crawfish. Yummy!
Yesterday was another day of softball/ baseball. Abbey had practice and Brandon had a scrimmage game. Brandon is doing AWESOME this year so far. He is really getting into baseball and I think he is going to love it just as much as his daddy.

I found this picture of Brandon saved on my computer and it reminded me of the recent picture of Coleson on his 4-wheeler. How cute are these!

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